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Abdominal fat is reduced by doing Naukasana, learn how to practice

The practice of Naukasana or Boat Pose is considered very beneficial to reduce belly and side fat and strengthen the spine, learn how to practice it.

In today’s time, people are battling many diseases due to the modern lifestyle and food. Problems related to stomach and digestion are happening in many people due to an unbalanced diet and lifestyle. Due to the disturbance in the diet, there is a bad effect on the stomach and digestion, due to which you can also have many other problems. People forget to pay attention to health in their busy life and work. But you can overcome these problems with the practice of yoga. Many diseases are also removed from your body by practicing yoga asanas properly every day. There are many such asanas in yoga that are considered beneficial for different physical problems. One such yogasana is Naukasana.

The practice of this asana is considered useful for the body in many ways, its practice reduces the fat of your stomach and also strengthens the spine. Let us know in detail about Naukasana.

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What is Naukasana?

The word Naukasana is derived from Sanskrit words. Nauka means boat and asana means seat or seat. In the practice of this yoga asana, your body becomes in the position of a boat. This asana is a medium-grade yoga posture, which is being practiced since ancient times. From reducing belly fat to strengthening the spine, this yoga pose has many health benefits. Practicing Naukasana in the right way every day strengthens your lungs and also benefits the organs present inside the abdomen. In the practice of Naukasana, your body comes in the shape of the letter V in English. Its practice is very beneficial for your lower back, abdomen, core and biceps and triceps and feet, and ankles. Naukasana is called Boat Pose in English. There may be some difficulty in practicing it in the beginning but with daily practice, you can easily practice it.

How to practice Naukasana:

Naukasana is a medium-grade yoga posture whose practice may seem difficult in the beginning. But by practicing it continuously, you can master this yoga asana. In the practice of this yoga asana, your body is in the position of a boat or V. The practice of this yoga posture should be increased gradually and if you are facing any difficulty while practicing it, then the practice should be stopped. Naukasana should not be practiced without warming up. You can practice Naukasana by following these steps.

  • To practice Naukasana, sit on a flat place with the help of a yoga mat.
  • Now spread your legs in front.
  • After this, take both your hands backward and place them on the ground a little behind the hips.
  • And now try to lift your body slightly upwards.
  • During this, keep in mind that your spine should be absolutely straight.
  • Now slowly while exhaling, lift the legs up to 45 degrees from the ground.
  • Now trying to take your body in the boat posture, bring the hips and navel closer.
  • Now sit on your butt and tailbone.
  • After this, lift your ankles and bring them in line with the eyes.
  • Stay in a boat or V shape for about 10 to 20 seconds, kneading at a normal pace.
  • After this, slowly exhale and come back to the normal posture.

Benefits of doing Naukasana:

There are also many variations of the practice of Naukasana, the practice of which gives different benefits to your body. Initially, it is practiced in only one way but after that gradually you can try different variations of it. Naukasana is an intermediate-level posture that you can practice even in the beginning. The major benefits of practicing Naukasana are as follows.

1. Useful in reducing belly and side fat

By practicing Naukasana daily, your belly and side fat is reduced. In today’s problem, many people are suffering from this problem due to an unbalanced diet. In Naukasana, your abdominal and side muscles are stretched, which also benefits you in reducing weight. By practicing Naukasana daily, you can easily reduce belly and side fat.

2. Beneficial for the hamstring muscles

Daily practice of Naukasana is very useful for your hamstring muscles. With its practice, you can also get benefits from the problem of hamstring cramps. The practice of Naukasana or Boat Pose is considered beneficial for your hamstrings as well as the muscles of the hips.

3. Beneficial for the abdominal muscles

The exercise of Naukasana works to tone and strengthen the abdominal muscles. Practicing this regularly strengthens your abdominal muscles. During this exercise, there is pressure on the internal muscles of your abdomen, due to which blood circulation increases in them. The practice of this asana is also very useful in making abs.

4. Beneficial for the spine

The practice of Naukasana or Boat Pose is considered very beneficial for the spine. Practicing this strengthens the bones of your spine and is very beneficial in many problems related to the spine.

5. Beneficial in back and neck pain

In today’s time, people’s posture is deteriorating due to sitting on a chair or sofa for hours. Apart from this, the posture of your neck is also deteriorating due to being engaged on mobile for hours. Because of this, you may have to face the problem of neck pain and back pain. The practice of Naukasana is very beneficial in these problems.

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6. Very useful in the problem of diabetes

The practice of Naukasana or Boat Pose is considered very beneficial in the problem of diabetes. With its regular practice, your blood sugar level is controlled. Apart from maintaining the sugar level, the blood flow of your body is also balanced by practicing this asana.

Apart from this, the practice of different variations of Naukasana is considered beneficial for the body in many ways. Naukasana should not be practiced in case of severe heart disease and asthma. Do not practice this asana if you have severe headaches or migraine, or low blood pressure problems. Apart from this, this yoga asana should not be practiced even during pregnancy. In case of any problem related to bones, you should practice this yoga only after consulting your doctor.

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