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Facebook to Meta: A New Gate for NFT Marketplace

Welcome to NFT metaverse

Recently, a big move of Facebook into Meta turned out to be viral. This is going to be the future of work, entertainment, games, and social media. As per announcing points from Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Facebook, This helps to build a metaverse, a new chapter in the social interaction

Let me clear out What Metaverse is.

A term represents the way of transforming the apps or websites, into a 3D environment to make the interactions better or immersive in nature. An accurate collaboration of the conceptual world with interoperable assets, the NFT, turns to 3D. The transformed 3D avatars transformed to any web spaces like work, game, or interaction

Meta: Big Lifestyle Changing Social-Network

Aiming to provide a unique way for people to start a new business in the metaverse, Meta turns out to be a familiar platform in the future. In the metaverse space, the creators have a big space to show their innovations; capture audiences
These direct towards the 3D interactions among the social media. Announcing this new naming, CEO, Facebook pointed that, this is going to be a perfect platform for every big tech company. Millennials are expecting an immersive experience in the future.
To meet this, the current techie platforms remodel to create virtual worlds in 3D spaces. The immersive experience will provide by the Meta branded virtual reality headsets. How does this conversion happen? & what imposes this big conversion?. The ultimate answer is the NFT marketplace.

NFT Pushes Facebook to Meta

NFT is the main part of the metaverse and it creates the new economic system. Actually, the NFT is the sub-segment of decentralization. But, the metaverse is a more holistic approach. Experts can predict the NFT brings innovations to the marketplace. And it opens up new revenue streams for intellectual things. 
The traditional art market is transformed into a new version after NFT marketplaces evolved. In prior, the price consolidation happens and it gets reduced from the peak value. After NFT, people don’t hesitate to buy the art for a high price if any celebrity is attached to it. 

Bridge B/W Creators & Viewers

NFTs are membership tokens and the digital form of clubs. Films and music are funded through the NFT marketplace. Creation and auction of collectibles for investors, fans, collectors. Blockchain enables the NFT.  

Immersive Viewers Experience

Viewer experience is turned to immersive since the art forms are 3D in nature. This is better than the traditional platforms. Compared to in-place art selling, NFTs based art selling creates a big ramp in the online market. The inclusion of branded Oculus, such as Facebook’s meta-branded VR headsets enables the customer experience in a better way

Positive Disruption to Marketplace

NFT disrupts the marketplace in a positive way. It is an aspirational platform and hence big celebrities and creators mainly take part and gain more revenue. With the use of blockchain technology,  the NFT marketplace will be a secure platform in the future. Getting ready to meet all these trends is the necessary one. How will it be?

Getting Ready

There is a lot more participation is expected in the NFT pushing Facebook to Meta. With the decentralization nature, the direct connection of people with artists gets ensured. NFT ventures are high-demanding in the future. Want to look for partners to launch your own NFT marketplace, Zodeak will be the right partner with many essentials
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