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Green Visa – An Opportunity for Expats

The Green Visa allows ex-pats and talented people to work without getting sponsorship from an employer. If you are interested in obtaining a Green Visa then getting PRO Services in Dubai can be the best way to do it. Hence, you can apply for a Green Visa but are unwilling to rely on companies for sponsorship. Hence, these people are often known as “free birds.” 

PRO companies deal with a wide range of demands and concerns on a regular basis. Thus, it gives them extensive knowledge of all formalities. You can come to us even if you need help writing Arabic paperwork for government departments. We have skilled document writers on staff who can handle all of your Arabic document processing requirements.

What exactly is the UAE Green Visa, and who is qualified to apply for it?

The UAE government grants Green Visa or a “Green pass” to international people who are exceptionally competent. Hence, people who get the new Green Visa can work without the need for sponsorship from an employer. The nicest aspect about it is that it allows individuals to continue living in the nation for up to 180 days even after they have lost their jobs. 

Green Visa holders are given Self-residency status in the UAE. Entrepreneurs, investors, highly qualified professionals, and top achievers (students/graduates) are suitable candidates for the UAE Green Visa. If you are looking for Visa Services in Dubai our PROs are here to help you every step of the way. 

The cherry on top of this sundae is that Green Visa holders have the privilege of sponsoring their parents and children under 25. Does that seem intriguing?! Yes, it is. Continue reading to know more about Green Visa and how to get one. 

Green Visa

What’s the difference between a work visa and an employment visa?

The UAE requires non-UAE citizens who want to enter the country to work to have a visa sponsored by their prospective employer. Hence, the employment visa is the official name for this kind of legal document. Even though this is the path that the vast majority of ex-pats choose to establish themselves in the UAE. As a PRO company in Dubai, we have helped a number of investors in obtaining visas in Dubai. If you are the one looking to obtain any type of Visa in UAE, PROs can help you accelerate the process. They can get things done in no time and least effort. 

On the other hand, a Green Visa grants the bearer the ability to remain in the UAE and work there. People with Green Visa don’t need an employer to sponsor them. Therefore, non-citizens can apply for a UAE Green Visa card. Once done, relax and await the application process opening. By delegating your Dubai public relations services to a PRO company, you will be able to save a significant amount of time. Each of PRO company personnel has extensive experience in many aspects of public relations. 

UAE Green Visa

The Green Visa, which allows highly talented persons to get self-residency in the UAE, was announced in September 2021 as the first in a series of ambitious initiatives the UAE plans to undertake over the following 50 years. 

The opportunity to self-sponsor while also being able to sponsor family members, including parents and children up to the age of 25, instead of 18.

Those eligible to invest include company owners, business entrepreneurs, successful students, and graduates.

On the other hand, on September 5th, the government of the UAE started a new visa category known as the “Green Visa.” Entrepreneurs, excellent students, and brilliant graduates are also targeted by it.

What are the benefits of getting a Green Visa for the UAE?

The new Green Visa of the UAE brings with it many benefits for expatriates. One of which is the ability to live and work freely in the nation for bright individuals from various backgrounds. As a PRO company in Dubai, our professionals can help you get Green Visa in less time and hassle. 

Therefore, let’s take a cursory look at them. 

Green Visa holders have the following benefits:

  • Sponsor their parents and sons until they reach the age of 25, in contrast to holders of standard work visas, who can only sponsor their son or sons until they reach the age of 18
  • Does not have to fork over any money to the government in the form of income tax or corporation tax
  • No need to hunt for national sponsors since they can self-sponsor themselves and operate independently
  • If a person loses their work due to their employer terminating their employment, they get a grace period of 180 days to look for another job.
  • Meets the requirements for a long-term resident in the state (at least five years)
  • Has the chance to live, study, and work in one of the most secure nations in the world, all while enjoying the benefits of a highly developed and technologically advanced country

Additionally, the Green Visa will not be related to work permits. Hence, it will allow individuals whose visa has expired or who have lost their jobs to remain in the UAE for 180 days, as opposed to the general grace period of 30 days.

Green Visa

What are some of the goals that have been set for the introduction of the Green Visa?

It is no longer a mystery that the oil-rich UAE is progressively transitioning from its dependence on oil. The reason is common knowledge. The steep drop in oil prices that started in 2014, the volatile state of the global market, and the progression of the globe toward a more sustainable future. The UAE began establishing long-range economic and social development plans. 

The UAE has made several steps to diversify its sources of income, and the introduction of the Green Visa is one of those steps.  These strategies aim to lessen the nation’s dependence on just one or two sources. If you also consider UAE as your dream city to work in, our PRO services in Dubai will help you fulfill your dream in no time. From Visa processing to getting the necessary approvals from Government departments, we get everything done in no time. 

The UAE has announced that it plans to launch fifty new economic projects in the next nine years. The plan is to increase the nation’s economic competitiveness and bring in an additional $150 billion in direct foreign investment. One of the most important legislative amendments as part of “Projects of the 50” is an overhaul of the entry and residency system. This overhaul will include the introduction of the Green Visa and the Freelancer Visa. Also, there will be an expansion of the eligibility requirements for the Golden Visa. 

Visa in UAE: A detailed look

In 2019, the UAE introduced the “Golden Visa and reorganized it to make it more desirable in 2020. In 2021, the UAE Government replaced the “Green Visa” with the “Freelancer Visa” and UAE Government started the “Talent Pass” in 2022. UAE started several forms of visas and the goal is to attract more foreign investment.

  • To stimulate economic activity while simultaneously reducing reliance on oil.
  • To entice individuals from all around the globe who are very competent.
  • Objective To make the UAE one of the happiest places to live and work in the world.
  • To encourage environmentally responsible growth and boost employment generation in the private sector.

Need a Green Visa service in Dubai? Unable to understand the procedure and formalities? No worries! We are here to assist you in obtaining any sort of UAE Visa in no time and hassle. By hiring us as our PRO service provider, you will have a stress-free Visa approval procedure. From getting the necessary Visa approvals to acting as your local sponsor, our PRO company in Dubai has worked with a number of investors in obtaining visas in less time. 

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