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How to Make the Most Out of Advertising with Digital Signage

How to Make the Most Out of Advertising with Digital Signage

I’m sure you’ve seen them on the streets, in airports, and in corporate spaces – digital signs that advertise your product or service to potential customers at every turn. These are what I refer to as digital signage advertising networks, and they’re an incredibly effective way to drive traffic to your website or brick-and-mortar store by displaying dynamic ads that are more compelling than your average banner ad. But how do you make the most out of these networks?

Implementing an effective signage advertising program

Start by considering where and when you want your ads to show. How often would you like ads to display? Do you have a minimum number of impressions (showings) you want each sign within a given time period? What if your ad is undisplayed or isn’t shown at all—what’s your plan for making sure it doesn’t waste marketing dollars? And what if it rains? All of these questions are ones that should be answered before selecting a digital signage advertising network. After all, there are plenty of other benefits associated with digital signage systems besides just advertising. However, for those businesses seeking an effective, cost-efficient way to advertise their products and services on an ongoing basis; digital signage might just be what they need! To learn more about digital signage advertising networks, check out our resource guide here.

6 Dos and Don’ts For Effective Advertising

While digital signage systems are some of today’s most effective advertising methods, not all businesses are taking advantage. To avoid missing out on potential revenue and losing customers, remember these dos and don’ts for using digital signage effectively: Do engage customers: Don’t spam your audience by forcing them to watch ads they aren’t interested in or can easily ignore. Instead, target your ads so they only reach audiences who will be interested in your offerings. This means you might need to do a little research at first, but once you have an established customer base, you should know what attracts their attention and what doesn’t. Stay away from general interests—like television shows or political candidates—and focus on topics that are more relevant to your business.


Digital Signage Content

By focusing on a certain audience in specific locations, digital signage has been proven to be one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising. Digital signage system use can include video, text and images for any business type including retail outlets, hotels, hospitals and restaurants. The key is to make sure that your content is relevant to your target audience and location. For example, if you are advertising a sale at an electronics store, it might not make sense to show that same ad at a clothing store or hospital waiting room. The best way to do so is by using geo-targeting technology which allows you direct control over where your ads appear based on proximity from your target market. If you want more details about how geo-targeting works, check out our infographic!

Considerations for Local Advertisers

When working with a local advertising agency, it’s important to remember that a digital sign is an invaluable resource for retailers and restaurants. If you own a coffee shop, for example, your digital sign can include everything from drink specials to information about your monthly Latte Art Throwdown. It should use as much as possible. Some of our advertisers have even set up their signs so they rotate through different ads depending on what time it is. When people are taking their lunch break, they may see one ad while they’re at dinner and another when they return at night. Your signage allows you to capture your customers throughout their day.

Additional Tips for Successful Outdoor Advertising

The 5 A’s: People want to entertain. And they are more likely to remember an ad if it catches their attention. The best ways to get someone’s attention is through motion-graphics. And advertisements that stand out and move in a captivating way. There are many techniques for grabbing someone’s attention such as: colors, music, and graphics. If your digital sign is based on video.

Try adding captions at key moments or having interesting dialogue between characters. This makes your message stand out even more than. If it was just a man or woman speaking about a product or service. You can also use different types of font styles to make your advertisement pop. For example, using all capital letters can make something seem important or shouting. Use all lowercase letters. When you want something to seem more friendly and inviting. Another technique is to use bold lettering for headlines and normal lettering for body text so that people will read what you have written.

Additional Tips for Successful Indoor Advertising

Many digital displays, which are often located in high-traffic areas like malls, retail stores, and hotels. Will allow you to display your advertisement for a set amount of time. Choose advertising options that best suit your needs and budget. If your business is looking for more exposure. You might want to stick with longer ad times. If you’re just trying to get a new product name out there. Shorter ads may be enough. You can always try an outdoor campaign or outdoor advertising first. Before spending a large amount on indoor advertising as well! For additional ideas about how to promote your business with digital signage. Check out our free resources: Free Online Resources from The Content Factory!


This new advertising medium is here to stay. It’s not a flash in a pan, it’s here for good. And if you want it, then you better get on board and start thinking about how your brand can become part of that new digital billboard channel. Because your competition will, if they haven’t already. You need to do some research right now into digital signage advertising and see how it might work for your brand. Do not worry too much about developing content right away or getting deep into creating animations that are going to be too expensive at first — instead focus on getting answers to questions like: What is digital signage? How can I measure its effectiveness? What kinds of hardware do I need and how do I select them?

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