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How to resolve the problem of ‘Quickbook error 15215’?

When downloading payroll updates, do you get the message ‘Quickbooks error 15215 servers not responding’? This is a common error code that appears while upgrading the payroll and maintenance release. We’ll go through the reasons and solutions for ‘Quickbook error 15215.’

QuickBooks Error 15215: What Causes It?

This error might be created by a misconfigured Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE). QuickBooks tries to validate the digital signature on all files downloaded via the software to secure your computer and its information. This error will appear if it is unable to validate the digital signature of a file you are attempting to download.

What triggers off the error ‘Quickbooks error 15215 servers not responding’?

Here are a few possible causes for the QuickBooks desktop to display this error code:

  • Flawed QuickBooks setup.
  • Malware, a virus, or another infection corrupts the QuickBooks payroll file(s) or the Windows system.
  • QuickBooks file(s) were accidentally destroyed or as a result of malicious activity on the system.
  • The setup of Microsoft Internet Explorer is wrong.
  • Another program is operating in the background and interfering with the Quickbooks update procedure.

Methods for Troubleshooting ‘Quickbook Error 15215’

The problem of ‘Quickbooks error 15215 servers not responding‘ may be resolved using a variety of troubleshooting approaches.

Method 1: Restart the Computer

You must first restart your computer. As a result, the program that protects QB Payroll is forced to shut down or prompts users to reset their settings in order to reconfigure the blocked connection.

Method 2: As a Windows Administrator, launch QuickBooks.

When you run QuickBooks as a Windows Administrator, the QB program has full control over all Windows applications. It also allows QuickBooks to use the resources it needed to function effectively.

  • Verify the QuickBooks is closed first.
  • Select “Desktop” and “Run as Administrator” from the drop option.
  • If you are prompted with the question “Do you wish to enable this application to make modifications to your computer?” click the “Yes” button.

Method 3: In the Explorer’s Internet Options box, change TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 settings.

    • Turn off the ‘QuickBooks’ program and open “Internet Explorer”.
    • Now Navigate to the “Tools” icon and then to the “Internet Option” tab and select “Advanced”.
    • Verify TLS 1.0 is selected in the “Advanced Settings” and TLS 1.1 and Use TLS 1.2 are disabled.
    • Internet Options TLS Error Screenshot of TLS configuration
    • To exit the windows, click the “OK” button.
    • Close the Internet Explorer window and reboot the machine.

Method 4: Use Selective Startup to restart Windows.

  • If the issue persists, check the system for any running programs or apps that may have interfered with the QuickBooks payroll update download.
  • Switch off the QuickBooks program first.
  • Select the “Start” icon and then the “Run” icon in Windows XP.
  • Type MSConfig and choose ‘Selective Startup’, remove the ‘Load Startup’ and hit save.
  • Now, reboot according to the instructions.

If none of the above methods rectifies the issue of ‘Quickbook error 15215’, you should contact ‘Quickbooks Customer Service.’


If you come across the problem of Quickbook error 15215, you can try any of the four methods and they will solve your issue.

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