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Pick the best gemstones to enrich your collection

Doing the gemstone jewelry business is not new, but it is important to add new kinds of stones to your collection. So here is the blog for you, which will inform you about the latest gemstone trend in the market with their detailed properties. So read till the end and get into the world of gemstones.

Moldavites are rare and mystical gemstones. 

Moldavite is a green color gemstone, ranging from dark green to light green. This stunning gemstone can be seen worn by many people on the red carpet events, with the shinny glimmering dress. Moldavite Jewelry has its own specialization, as this gem also has a great history behind its formation. Read the next section to know more.

How were Moldavites born?

Moldavites are glass crystals that fall onto the earth in the form of meteoroids and comets in the area of the Czech Republic. Firstly these stones were sent to the lab of NASA for testing, and there they were proved to be semi-precious gemstone jewelry. Also, it was said that these gemstones have high spiritual energies in them. Therefore, if anybody meditates on holding or wearing the Moldavite jewelry, then they can attain the power of the universe within them.

Larimar is the beauty of the Caribbean sea.

Larimar is a stunning stone that is popular among the crowd for its healing properties and gorgeous appearance. People are flaunting wearing the Larimar jewelry over their social media. It is the gemstone jewelry that must be added to your collection. But, before that, understand the story behind the formation of this gemstone.

Larimar history 

Larimar is the blue gem with the energy of the Caribbean sea and the dolphins living inside it. The bluestone belongs to the pectolite mineral family and has traces of copper and iron inside it. Due to volcanic activity, the crystal of Larimar was formed and got trapped in the mountains, which tumbled down due to the earthquake. A priest found these crystals on the seashore, and then they were sent to the lab for testing. They were considered semi-precious gemstones, and then artisans in the Dominican Republic, the only place to find this gemstone jewelry, started mining and selling this gemstone. As a result, Larimar jewelry became popular and young women and girls could be seen wearing this gemstone during the events.

Add the Opals to your count.

Opal is a gemstone found in various colors ranging from blue, pink, red, green, white, yellow, orange, multicolored and even colourless. It is one of the finest gems mined in Australia and Ethiopia. However, it has also been found in the year 2008 on Mars, the only gem found outside Earth. They have a play of color, which makes every spectator fall in love with the gem.

It took around 5 million years the formation this gemstone, it was formed when the water was evaporated, and the silica was left between the cracks of the mountains. Furthermore, the opals don’t have their own light, as it reflects the light of the object it falls upon.

Opal Jewelry is also worn to wipe away the negative energies, inviting the positive vibes in life. Along with this, it is also said, opal has connections with the Planet Venus, which is the symbol of love. So, wearing the opal improves troubled relationships and creates mutual understanding. It even helps the singles to find their soulmates.

Add the Aquamarine to Your Count.

By styling elegant Aquamarine Jewelry, march-born babies can enhance their overall personality and look. Wear soothing sea beauty in the form of ornaments by investing in an Aquamarine ring, pendant, earring, and bracelet. It’s also known as Sailor’s stone as they used it to stay protected from any threat/ danger which came across their way. Aquamarine ornaments look promising in both contemporary and vintage-inspired forms. Shop from a fantastic jewelry collection at the site of Rananjay Exports, as they are the leading manufacturer and supplier of wholesale gemstone jewelry.

Moonstone is an ever-shinning star.  

Moonstone is the glimmering gemstone with the powers of the moon and stars. It is a part of the feldspar mineral family and comprises orthoclase and albite. Majorly, it is in demand for the blue and rainbow shades, which are found in India and Sri Lanka. Wearing the moonstone jewelry fetches everyone’s attention, and everyone stares at the jewelry. Apart from this, it is known to bring innovative skills. Which helps artists like dancers, musicians, painters and all those associated with the creative field. They would be able to think better, as it opens their minds and allows them to perform better in their field.

Where to buy from?

Rananjay Exports is the most faithful place to buy gemstone jewelry, as they deliver high-quality gemstone wholesale silver jewelry at the most reasonable prices. It is an India-based company that simulates gemstone jewelry by carving and glossing. Arranging the rocks into the metals like sterling silver, rose gold, or yellow gold. Therefore, every design made here would be unforgettable and something that can attract the beholder’s eye. Moreover, they have a history of repeat clients because of their high-quality silver jewelry products and services. In addition, if you buy your assemblage from this store, you will get your order within 10-12 business working days at your doorsteps. And they provide free shipping all over the world with a minimum buy of $499. Explore now.

Author Bio

My name is Mia Martin, and I am a content writer at Rananjay Exports. Having experience of more than five years of writing, I provide deep information in my well-researched blogs. Since gems have been my interest, I have researched a lot about gems. I cross-check all the facts and figures in each and every blog to make my blog authentic and reliable. Knowing everything about particular stones and writing a blog about them from the initial stage, I provide all my insights. I provide new ideas to the company and our buyers. Hopefully, my articles will satisfy both the need and the knowledge needed by retailers selling gemstones.

Araceli Adams

Hi, I am Araceli Adams, I have been working as a Product Manager at Rananjay Exports for more than five years. Rananjay Exports is a worldwide manufacturing and wholesaling company based in India that deals in Moldavite Jewelry and other 200-plus varieties of gemstones. Our jewelry is made with genuine and ethically sourced gemstones that are loved by jewelry resellers worldwide. Bearing the signature of Rananjay Exports, each jewel is created with good quality. Moreover, We are dedicated to giving exclusive member benefits to our customers with a memorable shopping experience.
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