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The Essential Tips To Increase Sales In Your Online Grocery Store

Online grocery store buyers count keeps increasing day by day. Today we have more than 30% of online grocery buyers all over the world. Every grocer has increased their sales by 5% compared to their last year’s sales.

Ever since the competition has increased in this industry, grocers cannot make it big with the same grocery business model. More promotion and branding are needed to make it more reachable to the audience.

Are you a grocer struggling with competitive edge and look for a change in strategy? Then you are in the right place. We will be sharing some essential tips that will elevate your online grocery sales and get you better returns.

Keep Your Grocery Ecommerce Platform Mobile-Friendly

Statistical facts state that around 78% of online grocery buyers use their mobile phones to order and pay for products. To meet the demand of the major user group, your platform should be device responsive. Buyers should find it comfortable to visit your grocery website from any of their smartphones with any screen size.

If you fail to offer a mobile, responsive design then it is very clear that you are going to lose the major audience. Keep clear call-to-action as you cannot leave a gap for customers to get distracted. The mobile optimized grocery ecommerce platform will get better returns and the bounce rate will positively reduce.

Run Promotional Campaigns

Paid campaigns give better and instant results. If you want a sudden increase in traffic instantly then paid campaigns are the best choice. You can have Google Ads and run your campaign for your grocery ecommerce store. You will get an immediate response and the traffic will automatically increase and lead to better conversion.

Choose the best PPC plans that will get you good business. If you plan for a seasonal offer then for that particular seasonal period you can run the paid campaign and can attract the target audience to utilize the seasonal offer. Here you can fix the budget for which you need to run the campaign. You can see the increase in productivity with less effort. But this traffic will be temporary. If you need to have permanent traffic, then you should go for the SEO process.

Utilize Social Media Platforms

The known fact is more than 85% of our target audience will be active in any social media channel. Social media is a powerful tool where you can get more customer engagement. If you promote your online grocery software on all social platforms, undoubtedly your brand will get greater reach.

You can keep posting on your social media pages about your offers and plans and keep posting in all social groups.  You need to know your audience and be clear about where it will be available.For e.g. If your target audience are professionals then you can get them on LinkedIn. Likewise, select the correct platform and if you utilize social media, then definitely you can expect unbelievable results.

Have Creative Content

Content has the key role in attracting an audience to your online grocery store. More importance should be given while delivering content to your grocery website. Since there will not be any sales person physically explaining the product, it is your content that is going to do that work for you. The content should be clear and simple to understand.

All your products should have a clear product description with proper product imaging. This will make customers understand more about the product and will help them to make a decision on buying it. You need to keep updating your content often otherwise your customers will get bored and will lose interest in visiting your grocery ecommerce website again and again.

Go For Video Promotion

Video ads have greater response when compared to other forms of ads. 25% additional response can be gained if you use promotional videos for your brand. Buyers are bored to look at all text-based ads and then came infographics that took the advertisement to the next level. Now HD ads have better acceptance.

All you need is to invest in a video designer who is skilled enough to create a video about your brand and product. You can post these video ads on other websites that support external advertisements. Also, you can make use of social media and post these videos and increase your customer engagement with your grocery ecommerce platform.

Provide Customer-Centric Offers

Offers and discounts always have their importance in gaining customers’ attention. Customers prefer grocery platforms that provide the best price and also give discounts and special offers then and there. When you provide monetary offers, customers get an emotional bonding with your grocery ecommerce store and they will also start referring their friends to your platform.

Use ‘Pop-up offers’ that will pop-up in your grocery ecommerce website. Customers who click on the pop-up can get special discount coupons that will really delight your customers easily. This can also reduce shopping cart drop off rates. You can let your customers be notified regarding these offers through email, live chats and other communication channels that are integrated with your grocery ecommerce software. 

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Update Your Grocery Platform Features

Many new technologies are emerging in the market. You need to keep updating yourself and should find out which trending technology or feature will help your grocery ecommerce platform to have better sales. This will help you to stand alone from your competitors and will get you massive responses from your customers.

Some trendy features are curb-side delivery, in-store pickup and many more. These features are not seen in all grocery ecommerce platforms. Only a few leading online grocery platforms like bigbasket use them and have gained huge attraction from their customers. Utilize these features and make your grocery ecommerce website more unique. 


Grocers think that building a perfect supermarket ecommerce platform will get them business. But that is not true. You need to put additional effort and add more tactics to make your brand more visible and increase your sales and revenue. Hope all the above-mentioned tips will be helpful for your online grocery business. Implement them and see the result.

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