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Why is video content important for your business?

Video content has far-reaching effects, possibly because it is all biologically relevant. Studies indicate that our brains retain at least 95% of what we watch on a video vis-à-vis what we read textually. Almost 55% of online users view videos daily, and 78% watch them every week. The market research also indicates that about 54% of online users are keen to see more video content in 2022. Around 72% of people would rather watch a video to gain more knowledge about a product or service, and about 84% are inclined to buy a product or service by watching the video from the brand.

Coincidentally, there are a plethora of such market research statistics that help brands understand the essence of video content. Time and again, the same fact has surfaced—online consumers find it easy to interpret video content. Visual media helps them browse through products and services, giving them better insight into features, pros, and cons. It has become a handy tool in the sales funnel process, pushing faster and well-informed decisions for buyers.

Your customers want to see videos on your site and social media.

Brands today can afford to ignore many aspects, but they still cannot disregard what their customers want. Every year, organizations spend millions to win customers—to meet the expectations of their buyers and excel. It is, therefore, crucial to understand in this backdrop that the internet-savvy customers today are not just using the medium to share posts, send emails, and stay connected with friends and family. 

They are using the medium to shop. In a world where e-commerce is revolutionizing sales and revenues, an increasing number of buyers check out videos to find more information about a product or service before buying.

Futuristic brands ensure to include video content at various phases of the sales funnel to arouse interest, reinforce features, educate buyers, tutor them on how to use the products, and shove them into buying the product or service. In this way, brands are using the potential of video marketing to add value to customers’ buying process. It is no surprise that almost 72% of potential customers are open to learning about a new product or service via videos. 

71% of your prospective buyers prefer video content vis-à-vis other types of content. It is because well-made videos using advanced and multi-faceted video makers like InVideo help clear doubts and confusion of buyers. There is clarity, and thus, the customer feels confident and empowered to spend their money.

The fact is that buyers and online customers love videos. Look at how social media platforms feature videos to make better impressions and stay at the top of their niche. Almost 65% of the online audience feel that YouTube is their favorite social media channel.

Video content is a key SEO strategy.

Let’s put it in a simpler way—search engines like Google love videos. Sites that are optimized have better chances of higher ranks on search engine result pages. One of the key aspects of the Google algorithm is video content. Statistics show that brands have 53 times more chances of showing up on Google with an embedded video at the site. With Google’s ownership of YouTube, video content has become even more crucial for brands today. 

With this, brands can use YouTube to upload their videos using the targeted keywords. Remember, Google ranks YouTube videos at the topmost of the search page results. Video-embedded sites are compared by the crawler, and at least three or four videos show just below the featured snippet, as well as the ‘People Also Ask’ section. In most cases, if videos are missing, there are very low chances of the algorithm even considering the site worthwhile for a relevant search. 

Mobile users love videos.

Notice the people standing in queues at the metro or sitting at restaurants. Most of them will be busy watching videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. And they do so on their mobile phones. Data suggest that about 90% of your customers use their mobile phones to watch videos. As per official data from YouTube, there is a 100% increase in mobile video consumption every year. 

The good thing is that people can watch videos from their mobile phones anytime, anywhere, and on the go. Thus, this is a tool that can help brands increase their reach infinitely. They can also use advanced technology to optimize their reach and offer personalized experiences to users. As per Google, mobile users are more likely to feel personally connected with brands that show videos than viewers watching TV or desktop videos. With the help of a good video maker like InVideo, it is possible to create impressive videos for mobile users and deliver them the content they want to see.

Videos are a cost-effective investment. 

Videos are known to have an amazing return on investment. It is not all expensive as a marketing tool. The online medium has several free and paid video makers that help create stunning videos at great speeds. The costs are affordable and low too. With the kind of reach videos offer, the investment works out to be favorable and cost-effective. 

Take the case of Dropbox. When it started as a small business, the company used multiple marketing and advertising tools, including Google AdWords, to reach out to probable customers. They were spending almost $233 to $388 for gaining a single customer. It didn’t make much financial sense, considering that the value of the product was only $99. Moving ahead, the company invested in explainer videos that generated a 10% conversion rate and got them about 100 million customers really fast. The ROI worked out to be $48 million, which was an extra income for the group.


Video content is an effective tool. It can be created conveniently, the time taken is meaningfully less, and these high-quality videos can be shared seamlessly across platforms and mediums. It is a smart move to include videos in your content marketing strategy this year and reap lucrative benefits.

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