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Work Injury Lawyer Oakland: When and Why Do You Need One?

If you know any person suffering from a work injury, advise them to hire the best work injury lawyer in Oakland. Why? It is a vital question that every injured worker faces when filing a compensation claim. However, in reality, a sore back and injured ankle might not require a lawyer as you can quickly treat them.

But if the injuries get serious, what do you plan to do next? If things get contentious between your employer and you or the insurance carrier, you need someone to work for you. You need an expert who not only knows the laws well enough but can also get you fair compensation. In short, you need an attorney with years of experience in handling work injury cases.

According to reputed attorneys, you might not always require the services of a work injury lawyer. But you must call one, in any situation, to know about the entire procedure and the benefits that you are entitled to receive.

So, let’s say you know all your rights and have successfully filed the compensation claim against your injuries. But once your company gets ready to contest the claim, you need something way better than mere an application.

You might also land yourself amidst the legal jungle of deadlines, paperwork, depositions, evidence, identification and gathering, and more. And in most cases, it is pretty easy to get lost in such situations. So stop right there and research about the best work injury lawyer Oakland available near you.

What Can The Attorney Do For Your Case?

The first thing you need to do right after an accident is to hire a lawyer. Even if you do not plan to file any case, you need a lawyer to understand your rights and compensation against injury. In case of a compensation claim against the workplace, an attorney can do a lot more than just file the lawsuit.

Oakland Workers Compensation Lawyer

The attorney will be able to dig up everything possible to help you win the case. In addition, with years of experience handling such a case, the attorney can help you get a better negotiation. From drafting the petition to getting a fair settlement within time, you can get every benefit when you decide to hire a personal injury lawyer.

So, when do you need to hire a workers compensation Oakland CA lawyer? Here are some of the scenarios when you need to consider hiring an attorney for filing a compensation claim:

  • Call an attorney immediately if your insurance carrier or employer denies that the injury happened at your workplace. It often occurs when there is a slight injury due to work, and it usually goes unreported. However, if it gets severe with time and you do not file the complaint at the right time, you might not get proper compensation from your company.
  • If your employer decides to drag its feet with your claim, you need an attorney to win the lawsuit. You can be injured or suffer from multiple injuries during your shift. In any case, you need to report first. And get yourself an attorney who can help you with the entire paperwork and complete the process without any headaches.
  • What happens if you suffer permanent disability? Your insurance company can contest such claims, and the process can get expensive with the time. The remedy here is to get an experienced and trustworthy lawyer.
  • In case the settlement doesn’t cover your medical bills and lost wages, call your attorney immediately. Getting yourself an experienced legal professional can only help you to get a better negotiation with appropriate medical services.


If you are looking for workers compensation Oakland CA lawyers, contact Latimerlaw.com today. The company has been providing services and fighting for the rights of several accident victims for more than 20 years now. So, if you need a trustworthy, experienced attorney to file your compensation case, call them right now.

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