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An Introduction to Emblem Logos

What is an Emblem Logo?

Emblem logos consist of text or alphabets inside a symbol or an icon. Seals, Badges, and crests are the example of emblem logos. These types of logos have a traditional appearance. Thus they are commonly used by many schools, organizations, and government agencies. Emblem logos are used to portray your business’s goal and mission to its targeted audience. They contain text conveying your goal with the symbol or icon related to your business.

The key benefit of having an emblem logo for a business is that it is multipurpose. It can be used as a seal or monogram of your brand or you can use them as official letterheads. That makes your brand trustworthy.

Key Qualities of an Emblem Style Logo:

The principal thing you need to know about emblem insignias is that they are exceptionally self-sufficient. From your text to the image used, all elements are well-aligned in the boundary or badge of your brand mark.

Key features of an emblem logo are:

Bold and easy-to-read typeface:

As most brands apply text with an image in their logo, they use bold and clear fonts that are easy to read and go with the image to make your logo understandable. Different types of fonts like sans-serif and serif typography are used with images to design a simple and unique Emblem Logo Design.

An unsophisticated appearance:

If you decide to include a graphic or image to your emblem logo, then it should be as simple as possible. The image should support the text included in your logo which makes them relatable. Logos are used to portray your brand so it should be simple and striking to attract your audience.

Color arrangements:

Color is an important factor while creating a design for your brand. The use of the right color theme in your logo can lead you to new heights of success, by attracting more viewers. Colors possess different meanings so choose colors that can portray your brand logo in a meaningful way.

Who uses emblem logotype?

Emblem type is usually used by businesses to create an established and prestigious vibe. This type of logo is a go-to choice for businesses that want to portray assurance, trustworthiness, and tradition.

Let’s have a look at some type of businesses that uses emblem logotype;

  • Sports Teams:

A well-designed and aesthetic emblem logo can create a fan base for your sports team. And allows you to create an influence and dominance on your rival teams. Some of the great examples of sports teams using the emblem logo are, NFL, Manchester United, and Liverpool Football Club. They designed their logos well and are a great example of emblem logos.

  • Schools or Universities:

As emblem logos are the type of badges or seals, that’s why they are a popular choice for schools or universities. To look prestigious and aesthetic they design emblem logos that attract their audience and make a dominating position.

  • Automobile Manufacturers:

Emblem logos are a common choice for automobile manufacturers. Like Harley Davidson, most of the manufacturers used to create an aesthetic and vintage feel on their audience. Because they consider the interest and intentions of their customers. Like Harley Davidson, they target mostly the older generation, thus their logo is the emblem and vintage type.

  • Hotels and Cafes:

Most of the hotels and restaurants select emblem logotypes to portray their history and values through logo retro design. They use their emblem logo to convey what they are selling to the customers and what are their offerings. So The restaurants can incorporate their slogan in the logo with a featured image.


Emblem logo design makes the audience feel like they are inter-connected with the brand and with like-minded people. Therefore emblem allows you to portray your brand efficiently and tell the story of your brand to your audience. The traditional graphics and shapes with text in it make the emblem logo a great way to communicate personal values. So It can be a great choice for businesses to evoke a feeling of legacy and nostalgia. To design an emblem logo you must know the history or story of your business. Because it helps you fill your design with creativity, feelings, and emotions.

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