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The Secret behind the Impeccable Growth of Clubhouse- Exclusively For Entrepreneurs

Audio is the future of content on the Internet. If you are wondering which platform is the pioneer in voice-based communication, it is obviously Clubhouse Clone. The Covid-19 pandemic led to loneliness among people. As a result, they needed an avenue to communicate openly. Instant messaging apps and social media platforms were filled with multimedia content.

However, Clubhouse proved to be a perfect alternative with its 100% audio content. With more than 10 million active users on Android, it is truly a blockbuster in the social media sector. Entrepreneurs can also be the king of the digital era! How is this possible? They can launch a customized Clubhouse clone.

What are the special aspects of a Clubhouse like Platform?

  • Exclusiveness in listening to audio – The journey of Clubhouse is inspiring and interesting. It transformed from an invitation-only platform to a general release to expand its user base. But, Clubhouse has come out with a brand-new functionality called Waves. Users can create a Room to discuss a topic and add a specific number of friends. Moreover, they can tap the Waves button and request them to initiate a conversation. If they are interested, they can join an audio room and discuss engrossing stuff.
  • Instant recording of conversations – It is not just hallways and rooms on Clubhouse. Alpha Exploration Co. came out with a Clips functionality recently. Active listeners in a public room can record audio discussions for a certain period. Later, they can share the voice file on other platforms quickly. Who decides whether users can record or not? The host of a Room will permit cyber surfers for taping audios, downloading them on their devices, and sharing them with their near and dear ones.
  • Personalization of content – Cybernauts get maximum flexibility on a Clubhouse clone platform. They can join different types of rooms like Open, Public, and Closed. Further, users of the audio-based social network can select genres like animal welfare, business, fashion, meditation, politics, religion, sports, standup comedy, etc. They can choose a specific type of room based on their interests and tastes.
  • Raise Hand button – Want users to ask questions and clear their misconceptions? The Clubhouse clone platform is integrated with a Raise Hand mechanism. People can tap the button and pose their queries to a certain speaker. The host of the session would agree or deny the request. Further, users can post their questions and sort out their doubts.
  • Replays – Content creators, influencers, and singers can create insightful audios on Clubhouse. In the long run, they will get a greater number of followers. How does this work? Voice content developers and moderators of a room can record conversations instantly. The more audio content that is shared, the higher would be the reach to the target audience. This will expand their popularity in a quick time.

Explore the superior features of a Clubhouse clone platform 

Clubs to Follow – Indeed, each person in the world has different likes and dislikes. Prospective users can check out the logo, name of the club, description, and current members. They can press the Follow button and receive updates about the present and future discussions.

Universal Search – Want to discover a popular personality on Clubhouse? Yes, it is possible. Users must enter a specific keyword or name onto the search bar. Later, they can find various kinds of rooms (both live and scheduled). Cybernauts can tap bios of other people, pages of clubs, and profiles of popular people.

Backchannel – Can members message directly to others on a Clubhouse like platform? Yes, individual and group chats have been introduced by the American social media platform recently. They can tap the Backchannel section and accept or reject requests from other people.

Forthcoming events section – Users on Clubhouse can view the list of upcoming discussions on Clubhouse. They will get real-time information about the agenda of discussion, date and time, and the names of speakers. Prospective listeners can share the event details with their colleagues and friends. They can also copy the discussion link and add it to their calendar.

Social media integration options – Undoubtedly, Clubhouse is a unique social network. However, users will get more fame by syncing their virtual profiles. This will enable other members to get exclusive updates.

Spatial Audio – Crystal-clear voice convos are guaranteed for users across the world. With Spatial Audio based on Head-Related Transfer Technology (HRTF), each speaker is given a specific position. Besides that, each user can listen to audio via both wired and wireless headphones. The orators are allocated around each member’s head in a 3D effect. State-of-the-art spatial audio ensures a world-class experience for cybercitizens.

Estimating the cost of creating a Clubhouse clone platform

The budget of developing a Clubhouse clone is dependent on various factors. It relies on several aspects like

  • Choice of standard and premium features.
  • Complexity of the user interface (UI).
  • Level of customization needed by entrepreneurs.
  • Multi-platform compatibility.
  • Time devoted to design the website and mobile apps.
  • Types of frameworks and tools for front-end and back-end development.

Are there any post-deployment services? Yes, of course! Entrepreneurs can avail of solutions like API integration, the addition of extra features, the inclusion of payment gateways for transferring funds to creators, organizing online marketing campaigns, software upgradation, and technical assistance.

Wrapping Up

Clubhouse is indeed an enigma in the social media space. Both its daily and monthly active users are increasing rapidly. It is also aggressively expanding its creator program across countries. Despite cut-throat competition in the tech world, the San Francisco-based app is progressing quickly.

Importantly, the American platform has divided all users into different types. Each member can be a host, moderator, speaker, and listener or even all of the above.

Revolutionary entrepreneurs can also make a big mark in the social media space now. They can get hold of a Clubhouse clone from an app development company and get more traction.

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