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Referance and Education

Does Homework Help Students in Learning?

How can homework be both beneficial and detrimental? Does it benefit students? It has been debated for over a century. What type and amount of homework students receive, from dioramas to book reports and algebraic word problems to research projects. This article discusses and debates the pros and cons of homework help.

The Dilemma over the Usefulness of Homework!

California banned homework for students under 15 in the early 1900s. Following the alarmist critique of homework by progressive education theorists. Concern about keeping pace with the Soviet Union’s technological advances influenced public opinion during the 1950s regarding homework.

The average elementary school student has 2.9 hours of homework per week (kindergarten through fifth grades, sixth to eighth grades, and ninth to twelfth grades have 3.5 hours per teacher), so a high school student may have 17.5 hours of homework per week (four teachers). Compared to teens in the 1990s, teens of today spend nearly twice as much time on homework each day.

So, is Homework Really Beneficial?

We got your back! This debate about the pros and cons of homework might put an end to your question.

Team Affirmative

Pros: Having the right study habits and developing good life skills can reinforce learning and improve grades.

Milan, an expert from the homework help USA group, explains, “Practicing makes perfect is a universal truth. The information teachers deliver in class is typically retained by only 50% of students. This information must be applied to be learned.”

The homework students do daily helps them to learn important skills.  Skills that they’ll need in their journey through life, including accountability, autonomy, discipline, time management, self-direction, critical thinking, and solving problems on their own. it also showed increasing grades and positive comments, he adds.

Additionally, homework is a good way to detect learning disabilities in children, allowing parents to help and to adjust teaching methods as required. A thesis writing help pro Trisha noted, “Two parents once said homework proved their child was suffering from a learning disability.”

Team Negative

Cons: An excessive amount of homework could be harmful, doesn’t help young minds, and is a disadvantage for less wealthy families.

Cheryl Lodge, homework and thesis writing help professional, rebuts. “Kids need to be able to do things they enjoy, especially after six hours spent in school every day.  For children to be considered productive, they cannot need to do constructive things right up until bedtime. It makes no sense when even adults take a break after work.”

Those who excel in high school say that too much homework causes sleep deprivation and other health problems including headaches, exhaustion, weight loss, and stomach problems.

“Homework could become another way for students who already enjoy privilege in school to benefit further, while those who already face marginalization could be further devalued”, adds, Nina, a homework help USA expert.

A Florida school district changed its homework policy to require students to read 20 minutes on average each night – with students picking their reading materials. Children up to 12 years of age who read for pleasure – but not for homework – scored higher on all achievement tests, according to a University of Michigan study.


Those in favor of students gain independence through homework and improve their classroom performance. Too much homework. Can lead to stress, reduced sleep time, and cheating as well as increasing stress and reducing leisure time.

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