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Kids and Teens

What to Give on Birthday: Top Unique Birthday Gifts for Kids

It’s difficult to answer the question: what to give to children as a birthday gift or what to give as a birthday return gift to children coming to the party. So here is the answer to this difficult question.

If you are thinking of attending a child’s birthday party, the first thing to do is buy a nice gift for the child. If you have a birthday party at home and want to give a return gift to the children, look for the best children’s gifts. Not only parties but gifts are also an essential part of any occasion such as Raksha Bandhan, in which girls buy and send Rakhi online or tie Rakhi on the wrist and in return brother also give them Rakhi gift. Sometimes, buying and choosing the birthday gift for children becomes difficult, so let us give you a few birthday gifts ideas for children that will help you select the right birthday gifts for kids.

There are many toys for children which look very attractive, but sometimes they can harm children. In such a situation, whenever you go to buy a gift for a child on his birthday, always keep in mind that whatever gift you are buying for him should be perfect for him. It’s not necessary to give the toys as a gift. You can also gift edible things like chocolates, study material, etc. 

Birthday Gifts for Kids

All the year kids wait for their birthday party and gifts which they receive from the invited people. We know that kids are keen to have their birthday party. Even when the kids go to the birthday party, they keep thinking about the return gifts. Children always want to have new and different types of attractive gifts. 

When you plan to go to a child’s birthday party, you also get confused about what to buy for them because so many gifts for children are available in the market. So let us make this problem a little easier for you because we will tell you about a few children’s birthday gifts, which will help you choose the right birthday gifts for kids.

Gift Chocolate

Everyone likes to eat chocolate, whether big or small children. In such a situation, if you gift children their favorite chocolate, children will love birthday gifts very much. Chocolates are available in many brands and tastes. Choose any of the chocolate which children will like. You can also buy a chocolate box as per your budget.

Gift-color Pencil

Color pencils are one of the best gifts that children will like. Every child likes colored pencils as these are too useful. After getting colored pencils as a gift, children will become happy. While using colored pencils, children also learn how to paint slowly. It increases children’s interest when they spend more and more of their time coloring, which is great for them.

Gift a Coffee Mug

The coffee mug is another gift option that you can gift to the kids on their birthday. Kids will love this coffee mug. Nowadays, different types of coffee mugs are available in the market. 

If you like to gift a printed coffee mug, it would be a good idea. You can also gift it by making a photo of the child or a cartoon of his choice on the coffee mug because children love cartoons. And children will become happy when they see the photo of their favorite cartoon printed on the mug.

Gift Comics Book

Young children love to read and listen to stories. Children especially like the story of magic and cartoon and love to read these stories very carefully. In such a situation, you can gift a comic book to the children on their birthday because along with the stories, cartoons are also printed on what children like most.

If the child to whom you are going to gift can not read. In this situation, you can gift them books printed with big cartoons and photos as children love to see big and colorful photos. Therefore, this will be a good gift for you, which you can choose as a birthday gift for children.

Gift Car Set

Children like toys very much so a car set can be the best choice as a gift. If the toy is a car, it would be tremendous for them. Often we see children running behind small cars happily to catch them. Almost all kids love to play with these small cars. Especially boys like this type of toy more. You can also gift a car set to the kids as it’s in your budget. 

Gift Water Bottle

It is often seen that children like different types of water bottles very much. They like to have varieties of water bottles. Especially, cartoon-made water bottles are more loved by them. If you choose to gift a water bottle, it will be a good option. Because when children go to school, they need a water bottle. You can gift a water bottle with a nice cartoon sticker.

Gift Teddy Bear

The Teddy bear is one of the good gifts loved by children of all ages, whether small or big. So you can also gift a teddy bear on the children’s birthday. Nowadays, many varieties and sizes of teddy bears are available in the market. You can buy teddy bears in different shapes such as monkeys, bears, mickey mouse, Doraemon, lions, dogs, cats, birds, etc.

Children, especially girls, very much like Teddy bears. The teddy bear is so soft that children can carry it in their hands and roam from here to there in the house. Therefore, it will also be a good birthday gift for you.


Before going to the children’s birthday party, we always think about the birthday gift. We start getting upset by thinking about what we should gift to children so that they will like it and become happy. But now you need not worry much about the gifts as the above gift ideas are specially listed for children. So you can choose any of the gifts as per the children’s choice. 

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